Ramadan Donation

Dear kind-hearted friends,

As Ramadan approaches, we are deeply concerned about Moroccan families in need. We are asking for your help to buy essential groceries including rice, flour, lentils, oil, dates, and sugar for underserved families during Ramadan.
Your donation, big or small, can really make a difference. By giving to our GoFundMe campaign, you'll bring hope to families in need. Let's stand together and show them that they're not alone.

Join us in raising funds to make this Ramadan a time of hope and togetherness for underserved families in Morocco. Your support will not only fill their stomachs but also bring comfort during this tough time.

Our team of dedicated volunteers in the US and Morocco will meticulously oversee every aspect of the distribution process, ensuring transparency and accountability every step of the way. Through poignant pictures and heartfelt videos, we will share the journey of compassion and renewal with you, offering glimpses of the hope your generosity brings to those in need.
Thank you for your kindness and support.

With gratitude,

Bet on Change, Non-profit (all donations are tax-deductible)
EIN: 93-2166755

This is What We Do...

When we started our modest philanthropist journey in 2019, we did not expect to see poverty and desperation at the level we did. True, illiteracy and poverty is a global phenomenon, but never in a million years would we have imagined finding people deprived of the most basic human needs and dignity. According to Statista (2022), approximately 650 million people are still living on less than 2.15 dollars a day. 

We all deserve to live an independent and dignified life.

Bet on Change is an initiative of five friends who were moved by the needs of underserved communities. Building on successful careers in project management, capacity building, and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion work, Bet on Change was established to help individuals access a holistic array of services including employment, readiness training, linkage to medical treatment, access to public benefits, food, potable, and other services that promote capacity building and self-sufficiency.   

Bet on Change has accomplished so much since its conception: We helped build wells, renovated traditional schools, chartered medical caravans, distributed wheelchairs, and provided counseling to keep youth off the streets and away from drugs and drug dealers. We also get involved in food distribution.

The organization depends entirely, on volunteers and funding from the founding friends, families, and acquaintances.

Bet on Change recognizes the significance of continuing this type of work. For this reason, we are grateful to our donors and patterns for their continued support and collaboration.  

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